Our First 20m Counter Canter

10pm and I’m just starting my post.  I’m going to have to get a little better at doing these earlier.

Honestly, I think for this week it’s better I waited.  I’ve unfortunately had a pretty rough day today, for reasons I’d rather not go into – or don’t have time to go into – either way, it’s been a day of sad music and some deep wallowing.

Can one even wallow deeply? Is that a thing?

Well I just looked up “Wallowing” and one definition was “to lie in mud or water, especially to keep cool, avoid biting insects, or spread scent,” and I wasn’t doing that…another definition was “to spend time experiencing or enjoying something without making any effort to change your situation, feelings, etc.” and, although I wasn’t enjoying it, I was not making any effort to change my feelings so that sounds more on track, but I’m still not sure you could do that deeply.  Maybe sadly wallowing?

Aha! Urban Dictionary to my rescue. That’s more what I was thinking. Although that does not answer my “deep” question…but let’s move on.

Regardless of my mopy mood, I drove over to the barn today for my afternoon lesson.  I had hoped that a little physical activity and distraction would help me out. And it did for a good little while.

Fun stuff accomplished today under saddle! We worked on a long and low warm up, forward and back in the canter, really sitting for that collection, then we took a little break.  After that, we moved on to counter canter and, as the title mentions, we did a full 20m circle at counter canter each way.  As I’ve mentioned before, this is a horse who simply did not have a counter canter when we first started working on it, so it was pretty exciting to be able to do it.  He broke once on the right side just as we were finishing up the circle, but the cool thing was that I was able to set him up and take the counter canter from a walk to continue the exercise.

After that, we did lots of sitting trot, and worked with some half steps.  It was really cool because I’ve seen Leah work with him on this a couple of times and it was neat to try it myself. We knew I was on the right track when he kicked his hind end to the inside as he does that as an evasion.  I was able to do shoulder-fore and straighten him out.  It felt good and that boy worked really hard for me tonight. He was pooped in the cross-ties.

Things to work on? More counter canter! 🙂 More sitting trot, and pretty much more of everything.  How’s that for homework? Work. On. Everything. 🙂

For now, I’m wrapping up this night writing this blog post and enjoying the soulful sounds of  Tedeschi Trucks Band playing in the background.  Time for bed. As a good friend of mine says: “That’s another day in the bucket.”



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