So I’m trying the WordPress app for the first time, hoping to create this quick post on my phone.

It’s been a little rough these last two weeks. I know I missed last week’s post, but I hadn’t ridden since the previous Thursday. That ride was our first jump lesson for the fall and it went okay except for I came off for the first time with Sebastian. We were both fine, it was just a spin spook unrelated to jumping and I ALMOST saved it! I was still able to get back on that night and finish up the lesson, and we left it at a good spot, but it’s still challenging to come back after a fall, no matter the circumstances.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the following Monday’s training ride and the following Tuesday’s lesson because my trainer was out of town with a sick horse. I then ended up having to bow out of Thursday’s jump lesson because of work so the next thing I knew it was Monday (yesterday) and I hadn’t ridden for almost a week and a half.

This week, we still had to cancel the Monday training ride and today’s lesson but I made an effort to get out to the barn both days. Yesterday I did a lot of lunging and rode for a short amount of time. Today I just hopped on and got to work. It went okay, but we’re working on trusting each other again. The ride was a bit tense, but it makes sense because I was a bit tense. I sure do miss those sessions with my trainer! 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be able to get right back on track next week! I’m really working on finding that connection but struggling with getting the drive from behind with that power that is a little scary right now. But I’m at least making an effort to get in the saddle! Gotta start somewhere 😉

I think I’ll leave it at that for this week. Simple, no photos, but another post complete!

Oh! But before I go, wanted to add this link to a song I’m currently obsessed with and is the namesake of this post. Enjoy!


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