My first recognized dressage show.

Oh, it’s only been about a month since my first recognized dressage show and I’m just getting around to the update :-p

Better late then never!

After spending the Thursday night before the show finalizing packing and scrubbing my tack for a few hours, I dropped into bed for a fitful night of sleep.  Friday morning arrived and off we went: me to the barn to finish packing and bathe, and my husband to the trailer rental place to pick up our sweet rental trailer.

Bathing was a bit cool, but Sebastian took it like a champ.  Next time I’ll get some photos of that because I pulled him out of the pasture full of mud and he loaded in the trailer a sparkling clean show pony!

Trailering is ALWAYS a nerve-wracking  experience, but this trip went pretty smoothly (unless you count the many times I yelled at other drivers, “Be careful!  That’s my BABY in there!”)

Sebastian unloaded nicely once at the grounds and was a really good boy through the show.  We were in a different barn than we usually are, but he did well with the new environment in a slightly smaller stall. In fact, he was such a sweetie the whole time: nickering at me whenever I walked in the barn and resting calmly when we weren’t showing.  He did have to have a good gallop in the turnout on Sunday morning to shake off some energy, but the important thing was to give him that free time instead of ignoring that aura of energy that surrounds him after being in a stall for a day or two.

In fact, I was hand-walking him on Sunday and said to Steve, “I think he needs to trot.” He just felt restless.  We went to the turn out and the second I unclipped his lead rope, off he went in a big extended trot.  I think our ride Sunday was much better for him being able to just be a horse for awhile.

Speaking of the rides:  I am so proud to announce that we got our two First Level scores for a bronze medal!  Saturday was a 67.7% with one of the judges and Sunday was a 67.2% with the other.  So-pretty solid scores and I know what I need to do for homework.

I’m very happy with how this show went, and it’s looking like it’ll be the only recognized show we do this year.  We’re still hoping to get at least one Second Level test in before the end of the show season, but we’ve got a LOT of work to do to get there.

And now for the fun part!  Pictures and videos!  Enjoy:

Saturday, June 8th.  First Level, Test 1:

Sunday, June 9th. First Level, Test 1:

Picture Gallery:

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