Show prep begins…

In one week, I will be waking up early to finish packing, bring the dogs to the boarders, head to the barn, bathe my horse, pack my barn gear, load, trailer, unload, and finally settle into the show grounds.

It’s a lot of work in one day, but the above is still just a taste of what needs to be done in a short amount of time.

Today I planned to ride after work.  Before leaving, I typically change into my barn clothes and just head straight over.  It had been beautiful all morning and I couldn’t wait to get out to the barn.  Ironically, when I walked out after changing my clothes: downpour.

I still made it to the barn, and decided to get started trimming up some of Sebastian’s hair to get him groomed for the show. But the 45 or so minutes I spent doing so ended up being the only time it wasn’t raining. When I was finally ready to ride, you guessed it: another downpour.  The difference was this one came with thunder and lightning, so, no riding for me.

I probably would have stuck it out, but I had someplace to be tonight.  It did end up being a nice night after the rain came through and I was able to get in a long walk with the pups, so that helped my restlessness a little bit but I’m still itching to ride.  I feel like my chance to escape today got yanked out from underneath me.

But, like I said, I got some grooming done for the horse show, so that’s good!  I know in my last post I mentioned that I’d like to explain what it’s like to perform with a 1,200 lb animal as your partner so this is a good start:  spring cleaning.

Let’s begin with a completely adorable pic of my boy:

Isn't he adorable in his heart-glasses fly mask?

Isn’t he cute in his heart-glasses fly mask? Note the storm clouds in the background…

I’ve not done any major hair trimming or grooming (other than regular grooming) since his last horse show in September, so I need to take some time to get everything back in order.  Although each breed has their own style for grooming, with Sebastian I typically trim his legs, bridle path, muzzle, ears, and under his chin.  Taking away the fuzzies transforms my pasture boy into a sleek and refined show pony. 🙂

Now, I don’t own a pair of clippers so I do most of my trimming with a *gasp* pair of scissors. But I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it!  Today I just had time to do his legs:

So now his legs should be done (although I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I’m guessing I’m not completely done yet).  This weekend, I hope to get everything else trimmed to give his hair some time to grow out and not have a “just cut” look.

Expect more pictures soon! Good night for now.


4 responses to “Show prep begins…

    • Thanks! I did start to, but his feet were so muddy I didn’t want to gunk them up 🙂 I did his ears yesterday and, except for one little slip, it went really well! Almost done with stage 1 of grooming prep!

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