Just a hungry horse?

The good news is I think spring/summer has finally arrived.  The bad news is I’ve been so busy enjoying it, I’ve not been keeping up with my once-a-week writing goal!

Did you miss me? And, secondly, is the fact that I’ve been too busy outside really bad news?

When I last wrote, I was sitting on my back porch enjoying the sun and a beer. I’m happy to say there has been many more days like that since that Friday.  In fact, one of the most difficult things tonight will be to try to focus on just a few updates.  I’ve had a LOT of ideas for blog posts over the last few days but, as we know, the real challenge to writing is finding a way to put those ideas into words.

I’ll be working on that.

In the meantime, let’s start with a Sebastian update!

Yesterday, he and I had our first lesson with Leah since mid-March.  I was a little wary as he had been VERY grumpy when I had last visited on Friday.  I’ve been working hard to rebuild a relationship with him since it has been a while since I’ve been out consistently.  I read a post on Dressage Different, titled Simple Changes-Ten Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Horse, and it reminded me that to strengthen the relationship with that 1,200 lb animal you must first be there (duh).  I’ve made a commitment to head to the barn at least three afternoons during the work week and to add bonus weekend visits as I can.  However, last Friday, he was having none of what was supposed to be our “happy curry time” and basically did our entire short lounging session with ears pinned.

Of course, I got a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as we were interacting.  What’s wrong? Is it just a case of the grumpies, or is something hurting?  I think most pet owners out there can relate to this feeling – and the dream that our animals can just tell us what’s wrong.  I would have loved for him to just say, “I’m just crabby.” so I could reply, “Well, suck it up! We’re having a moment, here!”  Of course, a million other thoughts (worries) ran through my head, but I put him back in the pasture on a semi-good note after giving him a thorough check-over. There didn’t appear to be anything really wrong, but it was a very stressful day or so, wondering what horrible ailment would I have to work though now?

So, yesterday, I took a deep breath to catch him from the pasture as if nothing had happened. I didn’t want any of my worries to negatively affect our interactions. We went through our typical grooming routine and he seemed to be back to his normal self.  Once Leah came, I explained our hiccup on Friday, and we took it nice and easy, tacking him up in a calm and comfortable manner.  No problems.  I mounted up.  No problems.  I started to warm him up.  He was great.

This is the point where I disappoint you because, admit it, you were waiting for the moment I would say: then he took off bucking like he was zapped with a cattle prod! It’s ok, we all love a little excitement.

But what actually happened is we had a great lesson.  We’re still focusing on some basics to build a good base and strengthen him before moving on to more complicated patterns.  By the end of the hour, we were floating around, long and low, with these big amazing trot strides.  Next time I’ll get some pictures or video.  I’ve just been holding on to that feeling of trotting the last 24 hours and it’s like a little bubble of happy in my head.

My food-motivated man, almost on his knees to nibble up as much hay as he can...

My food-motivated man, almost on his knees to nibble up as much hay as he can…

And his grumpiness?  The only change in his routine was that he got fed a couple hours earlier than he normally would because of a trip the barn owner was taking that day.  And my horse LOVES to eat.  I mean, if he had fingers, he’d probably have a weight loss blog as well.  We joke that his favorite part of horse shows is being in a stall where ALL THE FOOD IS HIS AND HIS ALONE!

My husband reminds me that I, too, can grow some devil horns when I’m hungry so maybe that’s all it was after all.

Of course, I’ll keep a close eye on him for any other signs of discontent, but maybe this is just another thing he and I have in common 🙂  And, hey, it’s something I completely understand!

Speaking of food, real quick I’ll update on my plan!  We switched up my macros a few weeks ago to 130g Protein, 50g Carbs, and 82g Fat, although starting Monday I dropped down to 77g Fat.  It’s been a bit difficult to hit these numbers perfectly as I’m such a carb person, but I am seeing results and, on Sunday, I weighed in at 190.8!  I’m SO CLOSE to getting below 190! Maybe this week?

Also, my moderate cardio was upped to 30 mins from 20 mins –  still 3x a week and I’m also doing 1 45 min session low and 1 HITT session a week (Cardio 5x a week total).  I’m getting my strength training done on top of that, so it’s been pretty busy!

Speaking of busy, I currently have fifteen tabs open from my wordpress reader of posts I haven’t yet had a chance to read, so I’ll leave you for now and hopefully have a chance to organize my thoughts a little more for the next post.

Until then, enjoy the sun!


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    • I know I already mentioned that I saw this, read it, and liked it, but I wanted to do so officially! Thanks for sharing your story – and for reading!!

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