How my spirit was lifted by sunshine and a bottle of Rolling Rock.

It seems ironic to me that it was almost a month ago to the day that I wrote about melting snow and practicing a dressage movement with Sebastian.

I had no idea that I was on the cusp of a month that would break the area record for the most inches of snowfall EVER in a month (yes, that includes “normal” winter months) and would have some of the coldest days we’ve experienced in any April.

I’ve lost a month of schooling and haven’t seen Sebastian in a while (woe is the Adult Amateur who must balance “real” life with that girlhood passion for horses she never outgrew).   From what I understand, however, he is greatly enjoying his pasture time, eating hay and kicking up his heels in the snow.  I’m pretty sure he dosen’t mind the fact that we’ve not schooled in a while and I’m optimistic that this break is good for his mind, body, and soul.

The two of us will be getting back to work soon enough, but today I had to catch up on other things.  As I pulled out of the grocery store this afternoon, sunglasses on and the window rolled down, I passed the liquor store and knew what would make this hectic day complete.



I’m sitting now on my back porch, leaned back with eyes closed, sun on my face and a bottle in my hand.  There is still snow all around me, but I can hear it melting again and the steady dripping is lulling me to sleep.

In a few days, this month will be behind me and I’ll be able to move forward into the summer.  For now, I sit and smile and enjoy the sun.


4 responses to “How my spirit was lifted by sunshine and a bottle of Rolling Rock.

  1. I got to go on a brief motorcycle ride today wearing what amounts to a t-shirt for a top. Hands out in the breeze, face tilted to the sun and wind through my hair. That’s what lifted my spirits today. 🙂

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