Well played, Old Man Winter. Well played.

April 6

When I took this picture yesterday, my husband and I were laughing about our prolonged winter. I’m not laughing today, though. I’m just done.

It’s fitting that since my last post began with me celebrating melting snow and writing confidently that we’d have a rideable arena in no time, we got another round of heavy, wet snow yesterday.

It was the kind of day where it never seemed to be day: the darkness never quite left the sky and I found myself napping at noon.

Everyone seems to be saying, “Spring is just around the corner!” but I’ve been telling myself that since March 1, so it’s getting old.  I’ve also heard people saying that we shouldn’t be surprised since it’s only April in Northern Minnesota, but those people also don’t have a horse show in only 8 weeks. Today was supposed to be sunny and in the mid-40’s but it is just as gloomy as yesterday.

Can you tell I’m in an awesome mood?

These are the days I feel the angsty artist in me stirring. I’m mopey and gloomy and, I’m sure, so much fun to be around.

To help lift up my mood, I turned to music and a great song popped up on my Pandora channel.  The crisp, jaunty rhythm helped lighten my spirits a bit:

Yeah, I KNOW that spring and summer will come, I’ll have time to ride, I’ll be able to run and exercise outside, the dog park will re-open and our pups will get a chance to really run again, and all those things I’ve been waiting for will happen. But until then, I will continue to feel like a fully formed butterfly trapped within the walls of my cocoon.

And, kind of like this old LOLCats meme, I want to ask, “Iz it can be spring teim now, plees?”


2 responses to “Well played, Old Man Winter. Well played.

  1. YES. All kinds of “Hell Yeah Can Spring Be Here NOW?!” And I hear you on the show thing, only I’ve got 4 weeks until I compete for the first time, and it would be really nice if I could feel, you know, a little prepared?

    • Exactly. I know where I live, but this is just annoying. I can only perk myself up a number of times, you know? Sigh…hopefully it’ll be here before we know it 🙂

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