The magic behind the title.

Feather PenI’ve got a list possible topics to write about, but I want to start this blog in a semi-coherent way so I thought I would write my next post to explain why I picked the title “Searching for Second Level.”

Believe it or not, the first title I came up with was “Musings of Me.”  Not terrible…I like “musing” – both the idea of daydreaming, thoughts, etc and the concept of The Muse.  I’m always waiting for The Muse to strike when I try writing my short opinion column.  It’s so painful to slog through when the ideas are not flowing.

Also, that title reminded me of great line in my Netflix series d’jour, The IT Crowd.  In the “Friendface” episode, Moss changes his message alert to a recording of himself declaring, “Message for me!” Trust me, it’s funny. And it made me smile every time I said MY title in the same way.

But, in the end, it didn’t feel right.  I knew I wanted to start this blog on January 1 and as I climbed into bed (at 11:30pm) on December 31st to ring in the New Year in comfort, I fully expected to start my blog titled “Musings of Me” the next day.  But that morning I woke up with second level on the brain.

Stretch Circle

Sebastian and I finishing up a “Stretch Circle” in First Level, Test 3.

I ride dressage and have been working with my current horse since March of 2010.  We’ve worked our way up the levels and, as previously mentioned, just earned our First Level mastery with the local dressage club. Next step, Second Level – but it’s a pretty big jump in skill.  Multiple movements are added to Second Level: Shoulder In, Rein Back, Travers, Renvers, Turn on the Haunches, medium gaits, collected gaits…the list goes on.  And, if that weren’t enough, the trot parts of the test are done in SITTING TROT – my frequent nemesis.  It goes without saying that anyone who’s prepared for First Level properly shouldn’t hit a complete wall when moving to Second, but it is still a challenging step. So to help, I visualize tests and practice movements in my head before bed – isn’t that normal?

When I opened my eyes I realized – THAT’S what I should write about! I should keep track of my progress with Sebastian and write about my experience reaching second level. “Reaching” “Finding” “Attaining” were all words I played with, but then, “Searching” and I thought – that’s it!

Because a lot of my life right now is about that search for MY Second Level.  I am 31.  I’ve been married for 7 years.  I don’t own a home or have kids though I think I’d like both one day.  I graduated in May 2011 with a B.A. in English (vocal music minor), started my first “big girl job” with business cards and everything about a year after that. I am happy where I am, but have always wanted to experiment with writing to see if that has any potential as a way to financially support myself. During the last six months of college, I gained enough weight to be the biggest I have ever been and I am ready to make a change in THAT department. Overall, I’m just ready for the next stage of life.  I’m ready for Second Level.

And so begins the search!


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